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Tataiana de Weber & Partner

Welcome to my small and exclusive gift corner!

Are you looking for something extraordinary and special? You’ll find it here! Discover the suitable gift for every occasion. My partners and I will help you put together a gift table or wish list and provide personal advice in making your selections.If you wish, your guests will also receive suggestions and inspiration from us that will help them to find just the right gift that is as original and unique as you.

Make an appointment and find your personal gift. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tatiana de Weber

Tataiana de Weber & desiary

Exclusive interior design by Desiary

Wedding presents should bring special joy and serve as reminders of the most beautiful day in your life. Give exclusive interior design pieces that will give pleasure for years to come. Selected products from award-winning designers and small manufacturers are created with a lot of heart and passion and are particularly well suited for this. We scour the globe to find these unique products for you: their style, individuality, and high quality distinguish them and make them unforgettable.
Browse and find an extraordinary gift that will make their hearts beat faster! I’ll be glad to help you.
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Tatiana de Weber & Martina Kaiser

Art by Martina Kaiser as a gift

Whether paintings, photographs, objects, or sculptures, whether for birthdays, Christmas or weddings: art is a gift that will make everyone happy. A couple surely looks forward to an individual memory of your sharing in their most beautiful day! And a new apartment immediately gets a personal touch with a carefully selected piece.

Depending on the artist and the work, art is also suitable as a good investment, and everyone will be happy about its increase in value. You will see: the reasons for acquiring art are as varied as our selection!

Get to know us. I look forward to meeting you.

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