Nice to meet you…

Nice to meet you…

I am Tatiana de Weber, founder and owner of TDW Weddings & Events.

As my mother is an architect, I grew up in a house full of drawings, colours, fabric patterns and design. Since my childhood I greatly admire and love this imaginative and creative world. Long before Pinterest and Co., I experienced very closely how to produce and photograph mood boards in order to present ideas to the customer in a vivid and realistic way. These were fascinating years that have left a deep impression on me.

In addition, a party has always been a good occasion for me to be inventive and to create unforgettable moments. With my passion and creativity, I always desire to stage sophisticated and personal wishes in a tailor-made and unique way. The biggest success and joy to me is creating an atmosphere, in which the hosts find themselves and their history in every detail.

After more than a decade in the communications and media industry and having three wonderful sons – my loyal musketeers and partner in crime – I followed my heart straight to my dream job with the founding of my agency: to realize creative projects while always keeping an eye on the enchanting and charming details.

How wonderful that we have found each other now.

I am looking forward to you and your personal story!

Yours, Tatiana de Weber